Online options increase to save time for our residents and businesses

Residents and business across Cherwell are from September 1 onwards to be given new online options when conducting their business with the district council.

Published: Tuesday, 17th September 2019

Council Tax can already be paid online but a whole host of other “bills and benefits” transactions and dealings with the council can also be undertaken online as a result of “self-service” changes that are being made.

Customers will be able to log in to view details of instalments due, see payments that have been made and view copies of their bills. The portal will also provide customers with the ability to set up or amend their direct debit and notify the Council if they are moving house. For customers in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction the new online system will allow them to view details of their award and see payments made.

Small businesses will also be able to view their account details, see transactions, view copies of bills and set up and amend direct debits. By signing up for e-billing on the portal, both commercial and domestic customers will be able to request electronic notification when their bills are generated making a more efficient and streamlined service accessible at the customer’s convenience.

Landlords will be able to log in and to view their transactions with the council and download copies of payment schedules allowing them to save time on their administration. Meanwhile the council will also save time and money as a result of the new system.

It is acknowledged that not everybody can or wishes to deal with councils online. This ability for people and businesses to do more online will create more time and space for such customers to be dealt with efficiently and tailored to their needs.

Councillor Tony Ilott, Cherwell District Council’s Lead Member for Financial Management and Governance, said: “We have been looking forward for some time at giving our residents more of an opportunity to conduct their regular business with us online. As well as being more efficient for both us and them we also hope it will give them a smoother and easier customer experience.

“Cherwell District Council always seeks to provide excellent customer service and to make services more accessible through digitisation. This is a prime example of that and we look forward to more and more people getting used to and enjoying the new options open to them.”

What should customers do next?

You will need your relevant Council Tax/Benefit Claim/Creditor reference number to access your details, you can find this reference number on the top right hand side of any recent letter you have received from the council. To find out more see Bills and Benefits.