Kidlington residents set to benefit from the successes of Healthy Bicester

Kidlington has been named as the next village to benefit from the healthy place shaping scheme in Oxfordshire, using the successful model developed by the Healthy Bicester project.

Published: Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Cherwell District Council have made the announcement, committing to furthering the scheme in Bicester while developing a bespoke version for Kidlington.
Cllr Andrew McHugh, Cherwell’s lead member for health and wellbeing said: “This is an exciting opportunity for people living in Kidlington. There have been several initiatives trialled in Bicester which have made a real difference to peoples lives. 
“I look forward to seeing many of those being brought to Kidlington, along with other new ideas designed specifically for the village”. 
Bicester was named an NHS Healthy New Town in 2016, providing funding for projects encouraging residents to increase their physical activity, think more about their diet and help people to become more involved in their community to combat social isolation. 
That funding came to an end in March 2019, but Cherwell is continuing to finance the project in Bicester while extending it to other towns and villages in the district, starting with Kidlington.
Cllr McHugh continued: “With such positive results in Bicester, Cherwell District Council have committed to sharing the good work to other communities across the area. We are now keen to talk to Kidlington residents about exactly what they want for their village, to make sure the project continues to be a success”.
Cherwell’s Community Services team will be at Kidlington Gala Day on Saturday 13 July. Residents are invited to share their opinions about how the scheme can be developed specifically for the village. Information will also be available for those wanting to learn more about healthy place shaping and how they can get involved with the project.