Science park given green light to grow

The cutting edge of energy, nanotechnology and aerospace research has been given room to grow in Cherwell, following a meeting of the district Council’s Planning Committee last week.

Published: Friday, 7th September 2018

Owned by Oxford University, Begbrooke Science Park just south of Oxford Airport brings together the brightest minds from a range of disciplines and aims to shape their research into the sustainable businesses of the future.

Cllr David Hughes, chairman of the Cherwell District Council planning committee said: “The Science Park is within the Green Belt, but the principle of development on the site is well established and on balance we concluded there is a special reason for allowing it to go ahead.

“Oxford University is known worldwide, so it is no surprise that there is constant pressure on the science park to grow. s

“So much so that previous extensions have been filled within months, there is currently a waiting list for some buildings and the Government has allocated the science park £4.2million.

“There is already good access to the site, adequate parking and these proposals maximise the use of the available land rather than encroaching into the Green Belt further.

“We’re glad to have done our part in helping the University realise the potential of the great minds it produces.”

During the Planning Committee meeting on Thursday, 23 August the Cherwell Planning Committee approved recommendations to grant outline permission for up to 12,500sqm extra floor space.