Telephone survey for town centre and retail study

Understanding Cherwell’s shopping, leisure and town centre needs

Cherwell District Council has commissioned consultants Nexus Planning to carry out a Town Centre & Retail Study to inform its new District-wide Local Plan.

Part of the information gathering will involve asking residents about their shopping and leisure preferences. A telephone survey, involving around 1,000 households in and around the Cherwell area, will be conducted by NEMS Market Research. The information provided will help give the Council a better understanding of how and where people like to shop, spend their leisure time and use their town centres.

We would welcome people taking part in the survey and greatly appreciate all responses, but anyone contacted is under no obligation to take part.

If you would like to know more about the Study, please contact the Council’s Planning Policy Team on 01295 227985.

About the survey

The survey should take approximately six or seven minutes to complete. Most approaches will be made outside normal working hours in order to make sure working households can take part.

No personal information, including banking details, will be requested other than your age and gender. Any information you provide will be used in statistical form only, so that it will not be possible for you to be identified from your answers.

If anyone who receives a call has concerns at any point, they should hang up and report it to the Council’s Planning Policy Team:

Email Planning and Policy team