Repairs to your home

Owner occupiers

We may able to give advice about repair and maintenance issues. If you are eligible we may also be able to help with small jobs through our small repairs service or by means of an essential repairs grant. For owners aged at least 60, with sufficient equity in their homes, a flexible home improvement loan is available to help with bigger repairs and improvements.

You can get advice about replacing an old boiler from Oxfordshire Better Housing, Better Health. They can also tell you about insulating your home and improving energy efficiency.


In most situations the landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance. Tenants must let their landlord know about any problems without delay and cooperate as much as possible to get the work done. If reasonable progress isn’t being made, we can consider whether it is appropriate to take action.

In some cases that could involve serving a notice. Delays are sometimes unavoidable, (eg if a boiler part has to be ordered) and we are unlikely to be able to make things happen quicker in situations of that sort.