Air quality

Background to air quality in Cherwell

Air quality throughout the district is generally good. Regular assessments of air quality have identified areas of poor air quality in the district where nitrogen dioxide levels are above national air quality objectives. These higher levels of air pollution are mainly due to road traffic.

We have designated four air quality management areas (AQMAs) around these areas of poor air quality.

  • AQMA No.1 is an area around Hennef Way, Banbury
  • AQMA No.2 is an area between Southam Road and Oxford Road, Banbury, including some of High Street
  • AQMA No.3 is an area of Bicester Road, Kidlington
  • AQMA No.4 is an area around Kings End, Queens Avenue, Field Street and St Johns, Bicester

An air quality action plan has been developed which aims to reduce the level of air pollution in these AQMAs to below the national air quality objective.