Air quality

What you can do to help

Avoid using your car unless you have to

In addition to reducing the amount of pollution on the roads and the health benefits that come with regular exercise, walking or cycling also dramatically reduces your exposure to air pollution.

Switch off your engine 

Keeping the engine running while parked or in stationary traffic (known as idling) increases pollution and exposure to it. Idling cars produce up to twice as much air pollution as moving vehicles.

By turning off your engine, you are making the environment safer for children, teachers, pedestrians, patients and anyone else who is sharing the space with you. You will also be saving on fuel!

Schools, hospitals and bus stops are particularly vulnerable to this and are usually points of significant exposure for children, the elderly or those with existing medical conditions.

British Lung Foundation recently found that 2,220 GP practices and 248 hospitals are in areas which exceed safe pollution limits.