Leadership Team

Senior managers at Cherwell District Council

Our Leadership Team is led by the Chief Executive and includes the officers listed on our senior management organisation chart.  

Chief Executive 

Yvonne Rees - yvonne.rees@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Corporate Director of Public Health and Wellbeing 

Ansaf Azhar - ansaf.azhar@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Corporate Director of Adults and Housing Services

Stephen Chandler - stephen.chandler@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Corporate Director of Environment and Place

Bill Cotton - bill.cotton@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Corporate Director of Customers and Organisational Development 

Claire Taylor - claire.taylor@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Corporate Director of Commercial Development Assets & Investment

Steve Jorden - steve.jorden@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Director of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer 

Anita Bradley - anita.bradley@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Director of Finance (S.151)

Lorna Baxter - lorna.baxter@cherwell-dc.gov.uk