Street Tag

What is Street Tag?

Street Tag is a family friendly initiative that rewards families and individuals for their physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, among a host of other fitness activities. Street Tag brings people together to participate in outdoor physical activities, by turning streets into a giant virtual playground, and increasing their outdoor experiences. The app can also be used for indoor activities.

Earn extra points for your family team by signing up with your FAST card number!

If you are on the FAST programme, please specify the last few digits of your FAST card as your USERNAME including the ‘P’ while signing up. Use the referral code fm7c_fastfamily and earn 1000 points for your team account. Points will be credited within 10 days of Signup. If you have already created your account but did not use the referral code, email and this can be added earning you the 1000 points for your team.

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