Taxi safety guide

Whether it’s a work Christmas do or a seasonal get-together with friends, make sure the taxi you use to get home is safe and licensed. Check out our helpful guide:

  • all Hackney carriage vehicles licensed by us are white and display a white plate to the rear. These vehicles can be hailed from the street
  • private-hire vehicles can be any colour and display a green rectangular plate to the rear. These vehicles have to be booked in advance
  • all vehicles have white or green licenses displayed inside the windscreen of the vehicle, and all drivers have to display a taxi photo licence card
  • unlicensed vehicles will not have passed the compliance testing so, therefore, may not meet the council's rigorous safety standards and they will not have adequate insurance
  • our licensing officers will be out and about spot checking taxi drivers in the run-up to Christmas, to make sure they are up to scratch for your festive and new-year rides home

The government has produced coronavirus guidance for taxis and PHVs

Coronavirus guidance