Virtual hubs

Welcome to our virtual holiday hub

We know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained especially during school half term, so we've come up with some great ideas that you can try at home.  

Circuit challenge

Our Youth Activators have created a series of challenges.  These are designed to help keep you fit, entertained and active at home whilst having fun!  

How does it work?

Within each circuit there are five challenges. Spend 30 seconds on each challenge and make a note of the number of times you complete the exercise. This means you have a number to try and beat next time!  Don't take it take it too seriously, enjoying yourself is the most important thing!  I

f you’d like to make this even more challenging, then increase the time spent on each exercise to 45 seconds! 

Our download has been designed specifically to be printed so you can cut out the challenge cards.

Download circuit challenge cards 

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Something for everyone, from Pirate ship to Grandma's footsteps

Download our games guide

Street Tag PEcode Treasure Hunt competition

Street Tag is a great new app which allows you to go walking, running, cycling around your community whilst collecting points for your team. 

More about Street Tag

More activities, games, arts and crafts can be found on our YouTube channel

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