Street Tag

What is Street Tag?

Street Tag is a family friendly initiative that rewards families and individuals for their physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, among a host of other fitness activities. Street Tag brings people together to participate in outdoor physical activities, by turning streets into a giant virtual playground, and increasing their outdoor experiences. The app can also be used for indoor activities.

Benefits of Using Street Tag

  • Fantastic prizes to be won which can enhance your physical fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Opportunity to become fitter and bond with family and friends whilst staying committed to physical fitness
  • Opportunity to connect with other members of the community that are using the Street Tag App
  • Experience the fun and catch the thrill of physical fitness which you might not get without the app
  • Get motivated to engage in physical activity, rediscover nature and get energetic
  • Enhance your mental and physical wellbeing

How does Street Tag work?

  • Install the app, create a team and join our Cherwell leaderboard
  • If you are on the FAST program, please specify the last few digits of your FAST card as your USERNAME including the ‘P’ while signing up.
    Use the referral code fm7c_fastfamily and earn 1000 points for your team account. Points will be credited within 10 days of Signup.
  • Earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor- walking, running, cycling by scanning virtual tags and convert your steps into Street Tag Points
  • Get rewards and win prizes such as amazon vouchers, gift cards, sports equipment and lots more

Fitbit Sync

You can now convert your steps and calorie burn into Street Tag points using Fitbit hardware or just the Fitbit app without the hardware device.

  • Install the Fitbit app and create an account for the Sync connection.
  • Once you open the latest version of the Street Tag app, tap on the Fitbit icon on the home screen, connect your Fitbit account to enable auto-sync.
  • All you have to do now is ensure you open the Street Tag app at least once a day and your steps so far for that day will be automatically converted into Street Tag points.

Get ready to push the boundaries and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle with Street Tag.


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