Grants and assistance for landlords

Healthy Homes Grant for landlords

The Healthy Homes Grant is available to help landlords of vulnerable private sector tenants.

The grant is available to landlords who provide privately rented accommodation to a qualifying tenant (or to a tenant who has a qualifying family member permanently resident at the specified property) to carry out repairs or improvements to their properties. It can be used to alleviate an existing long-term physical health condition or disability, or to prevent them getting worse.

To be eligible, the person who the grant will help (the vulnerable person) must be:

  • Vulnerable due to a disability or long-term health condition; and
  • Referred to the grant scheme by their GP or Health Practitioner; and
  • In receipt of (or eligible for) a means-tested benefit.

The grant is also subject to the following conditions:

  • The maximum grant is £5,000.
  • Works are restricted to repairs or improvements directly linked to improving or alleviating the health condition.
  • The landlord must provide a written commitment that he or she will not seek to bring the tenancy to an end for three years, otherwise the whole of the grant is repayable to the Council (except in the event of the death of the qualifying occupant or if a landlord satisfies the Council that possession is being sought because of inappropriate behaviour by the tenant. The Council may use its discretion in deciding whether it will waive the repayment condition in other circumstances).

For further information on this grant or to apply: download the supporting documents or contact us.