Council Tax 2021-2022

Cherwell Council Tax charges by band

Your Council Tax demand or exemption notice shows which band has been allocated to your property. 

View Council Tax Charges (by Town and parish) for 2021-2022

The Council Tax explanatory notes form part of your Council Tax Demand Notice. 

The increase to Council Tax was agreed at the Council meeting on Monday, 22 February 2021.  

Calculation of the tax base: the starting point of the calculation is the total number of Council Tax dwellings and their Council Tax band at a point in time.  For 2021-22 this was as at 30 November 2020.  

Council Tax in parishes shows how the Band D for each Parish in the district is made up.  It starts with the tax base in each Parish, what they have set as their precept (how much they need for the year to provide their services), and how much that works out per property.  To that are added the Band D requirements of Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire County Council and the Police to get the full Band D council tax for each Parish.

Council Tax in Band D in each Parish shows the full council tax bandings (A – H) for all Parishes in the district.  The different Band amounts are derived from the Band D figures in Appendix 22 using the weightings prescribed by law. 

For example: Adderbury’s Band D council tax is £1,980.38.  Band A is 6/9 (66.67 per cent) of the Band D amount or £1,320.25.  Band H is 18/9 (200 per cent) of the Band D amount or £3,960.76. 

How we spend Council Tax funds

Council Tax leaflet - Councillor Barry Wood, Leader of the Council.

Thirty-four per cent of our funding for services comes directly from Council Tax, with the rest coming from government grants and business rates. This helps us to provide and support a huge range of services that enhance and improve the lives of people across our whole community.   

Our 2021-2022 strategic priorities are:

  • Housing that meets your needs
  • Leading on environmental sustainability
  • An enterprising economy with strong and vibrant local centres
  • Healthy, resilient and engaged communities

Your Council Tax bill is made up of several different amounts of money that go to different organisations:

  • Cherwell District Council (6.8 per cent) 
  • Town and parish councils (4.8 per cent)
  • Oxfordshire County Council (77.1 per cent)
  • Police and Crime Commissioner (11.3 per cent)

Adult Social Care

The government also allows councils (Oxfordshire County Council) to raise a 2 per cent adult social care precept to help relieve funding pressures.