Bicester Eco Town and Eco Bicester

The Eco Town development to the North West of Bicester has been used as a catalyst to make the town more sustainable. The Eco Bicester initiative, One Shared Vision, was adopted in 2010, and sets out the aspirations for the town.

This development in North West Bicester is being constructed to highly sustainable standards and has inspired a range of initiatives in the town including the construction of zero or low carbon buildings, improvements to the energy efficiency of existing buildings, improvements for cycling and walking, and support for recycling.

It has also enabled the development of low water use buildings, 40% green space and net bio diversity gain, community facilities, schools, employment opportunities, a car club and a bus service.

The first phase

The North West Bicester site is identified in Policy Bicester 1 of the Cherwell Local Plan 2011-31 and the supplementary planning document sets out the requirements for development at the site. A2 Dominion is building the first phase of the development.

The allocation of the site for development was supported by Cherwell District Council. See the masterplan documents for the development of Bicester Eco Town.