Local Heritage Assets

Article 4 directions

Even in conservation areas, certain types of minor alterations, extensions to buildings do not require planning permission from the council. These forms of development are called permitted development. Individually many of these changes may appear fairly minor but added together they can begin to have a significant effect on the character and appearance of conservation areas. In order to address these concerns local planning authorities can introduce additional planning controls known as Article 4 directions in conservation areas which withdraw certain permitted development rights in respect of dwelling houses.

An Article 4 direction removes specific permitted development rights and means that even minor residential alterations will require planning permission, for example constructing a porch, replacing windows or re-roofing. Once an Article 4 direction has been made, planning permission becomes necessary for any changes to a building set out in the direction. There is no fee for any application made necessary by the serving of an Article 4 direction. It is suggested that owners/occupiers check in every instance before any work is undertaken whether or not planning permission is required.