Dog registration privacy notice

Voluntary dog registration scheme privacy notice

What is the Dog Registration Scheme?

This is a free scheme run and operated by Cherwell District Council for dog owners who either live in the district or regularly walk their dog within the boundary of the district.

It requires the dog owner to provide a detailed description of the dogs to be registered. You are then provided with a disk which is engraved with Cherwell’s contact phone number and a unique number that is registered to your dog.

This then allows us to reunite the dog back with its owner quickly and usually without any costs being incurred.

Contact details specific to service

If you have any queries relating to the stray dog registration scheme contact us by email or call 01295 227007.

Email us

How we use your information collected by the service

The data collected is added to the dog register and used by The Council and The Councils Out of Hours Contractor to deals with stray dog enquiries. The data is used to reunite a stray dog with the owner.

Who will have access to my personal data?

The data collected is stored securely in electronic format by The Council and can only be accessed by personnel who are involved in processing lost dog enquiries. A hard copy of the database will be available to our Out of Hours Contractor for dealing with stray dog enquiries.

What information is processed?

The information will be Name, address, e-mail and all contact telephone numbers supplied by the owner of the dog.

Retention period

The details that we have will be kept on the system until the dog owner contacts us to either update the system, or to remove their details as they no longer have the dog, or the dog is deceased. We will also review our register every three years.

Summary of rights

You have a number of statutory rights that are explained in the “Summary of the data subject’s rights” section of our website.

 Alternatively you can request this information by email.

Or by post:

The Information Governance Team.
Cherwell District Council,
Bodicote House,
OX15 4AA