Community Hub Emergency Relief fund

Terms and Conditions

Please read in full before submitting your application

The following Terms and Conditions apply:

  1. The grant recipient will not operate for profit for its members. There will be no distribution of assets or funds from this grant to any individual during the existence of the organisation or on its dissolution.
  2. Membership will be open to all and will not be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, sexual orientation, disability, occupation, religious or other opinion.
  3. The grant recipient shall have a written constitution (where relevant), bank account in the name of the organisation and accounts, audited where relevant.
  4. Organisations/groups must spend the grant on the general community initiatives indicated in their request for funding, by the time the pandemic has ended, or the funding will need to be returned to the council.
  5. Organisations/groups must let the council know if they no longer require their grant and return it in those circumstances so that it can be redirected to support other COVID-19 initiatives
  6. All works and activities covered by the grant will conform to all relevant statutory obligations, bylaws, licences, regulations and consents.
  7. The grant-aided assets or activity will be adequately insured, and the organisation will maintain adequate insurance covering public liability. Evidence of insurance cover must be produced for us, if requested.
  8. Money will be spent on the purpose approved by this grant.  No material changes to the grant purpose will be made without making a request in writing, for our written approval. Any such requests must be directed to the relevant Community Development Partner.
  9. We reserve the right to suspend, defer, withhold or clawback any or all of the Grant payments and/or require repayment of all of the financial assistance if: 
    • all terms and conditions of this Agreement are not met in full;
    • any information given to us in connection with the grant application is found to be false or misleading or there has been a failure to disclose any material fact which would have had a bearing on the initial consideration of the application; 
    • there is a substantial or material change in the nature, scale or timing of the Project;
    • the Project extends to purposes other than those specified in the application; or
    • grant funding is received from any other source for the same Project that would result in the total eligible project costs being exceeded.
  10. Cherwell District Council accepts no liability for the outcome of the use to which the grant funding has spent nor for any product purchased by the grant recipient.  
  11. The grant recipient shall keep a financial record of the spending of the grant and retain a copy of any appropriate invoices and receipts and submit these to us if requested. A request for payment form (RfP) shall be submitted to us in order to make a claim. In order to facilitate cash flow, this may be submitted ahead of you actually making the purchase on the proviso that once you have the relevant invoices for which you have received grant funding or undertaken the various activities, then you will provide evidence of how the funding has been spent by either copy invoices and/or an activity report. You will be provided with templates once you have accepted this offer.
  12. The Council reserves the right to inspect the assets and/or activities for which the funding has been sought on giving reasonable notice to the applicant. 
  13. It shall be a condition of this offer that if there is a change to the project costs and/or activities as set out in the original application and this offer letter, you notify this to the Council for approval prior to progressing. Any changes will be re-evaluated, and a variation letter will be sent to you if this is acceptable. 
  14. CDC reserves the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if it finds that any form of deliberately false or misleading information was provided either at the application stage or subsequent to the offer letter. 
  15. Any assets of value purchased with the aid of a grant should be retained and used for the agreed purpose for a period of the lifespan of the project activity and/or project asset. If used for another purpose or disposed of, this must be reported to Cherwell District Council who reserves the right to require repayment to the value of the asset or the transfer of it to another beneficiary. 
  16. It shall be a condition of this grant offer that feedback will be provided by the grant recipient to the Council and a template will be provided for this purpose. This shall commence once the project has been completed in order to measure the outcomes and achievements of the project

Example of Milestone Table for Project Completion:

Completion date Activity description £ Amount of claim 

Insert new lines to match milestones proposed (latest – please note this is the expiry date of the offer)

Activity and project costs listing
Evidenced by copies of supplier invoices and or activity reports.

Amount (excluding VAT where this is recoverable from HMRC)
    Total: £