SPARK Funding - Kidlington

Introduction and eligibility criteria

What is SPARK funding?

SPARK Funding is designed to support grassroots projects in Kidlington over the next three years and develop thriving, active and sociable communities.  

The fund supports not-for-profit* organisations to try something new or to extend their current activity to a wider group.  Applications will not be considered from individuals, private business, statutory bodies, religious bodies (where funds would be used for religious purposes or buildings) or political parties or political lobbying.

Grants are available up to £1,000 to support programmes of work in Kidlington and surrounding villages that satisfy one or more of the SPARK funding priorities.


  • Supporting the greater understanding of Kidlington's heritage
  • Improving opportunities for walking and cycling within Kidlington
  • Improving access to green spaces and opportunities for food growing or enhancing green spaces or bio-diversity
  • Increasing opportunities for participation and reducing social isolation
  • Improved health and wellbeing for residents

Eligible areas

  • Kidlington
  • Gosford and Water Eaton
  • Begbroke
  • Yarnton
  • Shipton on Cherwell and Thrupp
  • Islip

About your application

To be successful, your project must encourage active participation from Kidlington residents and seek to make communities more interconnected. Any event or project that is supported needs to be accessible to all and to bring communities together.  You must demonstrate additionality to existing activities, it is not available for “business as usual” costs.

Where there are a high number of good quality applications, we will:

  • take into account other issues such as the distribution of funding to projects across the district in the recent past
  • consider what other funding or income your project has attracted or is trying to attract to enable the project or service to go ahead
  • be looking to encourage appropriate partnership and joint working.


Grants will be assessed and awarded on a rolling basis until the budget has been expended.

Applicants will be notified of a decision within four to six weeks from the date your application is received

Successful applications for community event grants may be paid in advance. However, if the event does not take place, the grant must be repaid to the Council within 28 days of the proposed date of the event. Supplier invoices and other supporting documentation must be submitted with your request for payment to evidence your claim.

*Not-for-profit described a type of organisation that does not distribute profits to its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organisation is used in pursuing the organisation’s objectives and keeping it running. Typically, not-for-profit organisations are charities or other community or voluntary groups.