SPARK Funding - Bicester

Application form

Before you complete your application

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Read our terms and conditions and guidance notes

Bicester SPARK funding application

Information you will need

You have ten minutes per page to complete our online application so please make sure you have the information listed below to hand:

About your organisation 

  • Name or the organisation and main contact
  • Address including post code
  • Telephone number, email address and web address
  • Aims, objectives and purpose of your organisation
  • Date organisation was set up and constitution document
  • Type of organisation; registered charity, social enterprise, community group or club and registration number (if applicable)
  • Organisation's bank details: name, account name, account number and sort code.
  • Details of previous grant funding from us or any other grant making body in the last five years
  • An authorised signatory will need to sign the declaration on the form

About your proposed project or service

  • Title and purpose of project or service
  • Proposed location
  • Proposed start and end dates 
  • Project summary  (in no more than 200 words).  Please detail how this new activity will enhance enhance what is currently provided or meet a gap in provision or start something new. Outline what the funding will be used for.  Describe:
    1. how your community project will support any of the SPARK funding priorities:
      • Developing the town centre as the socially, culturally and economically vibrant heart of Bicester
      • Improving connections within and between Bicester’s communities
      • Increasing activity in and interaction with the natural environment
      • Increasing opportunities for participation and reducing social isolation
      • Improved health and wellbeing for residents 
    2. the beneficiaries of your proposed project or service and the current problems they face
    3. any underpinning justifications for your proposal.  Detail how you have consulted with users and the local community and provide evidence of their support with your application, where available.
    4. if you are aware of other organisations operating locally that provide a similar service.  If so, describe how you either intend to work in partnership or how this project or service complements other services or fills a gap
  • Detail how the project or service will be sustained in the long term.
  • Detail when the proposed project or service will be available to users (opening days and times)
  • Summarise objectives, outcomes and targets you expect the project or service to achieve
  • Explain how the project will be delivered and managed (responsibilities and skills of your project team)

Financial details

  • Detail your project costs, for example equipment, publicity, insurance, hire costs etc.
  • Are you VAT registered, and if so do you intend to recover the VAT element of the project cost?  VAT registration number is required.
  • Funding sources - how will you cover the costs of the community project?  Detail any grants or loans received or applied for

If you have any queries regarding the eligibility criteria, the application process or you cannot complete an electronic, form please contact Sarah Burns, Community Funding Officer.

Telephone 01295 221538 or email: