Graven Hill Local Development Order (Second Revision) 2017

The Graven Hill Phase 1 Local Development Order (Second Revision) 2017 (referred to as the “LDO Second Revision 2017”) came into force on the 20 December 2017 and is the main planning document that must be referred to when preparing applications for Confirmation of Compliance at Graven Hill.

The LDO Second Revision 2017 has been made to facilitate the delivery of self-build dwellings on the site. It simplifies the planning process by allowing applications for individual plots to be fast tracked through a process known as “Confirmation of Compliance”, whilst providing certainty that individuality and variety of design would be supported within the parameters set by the approved Masterplan and Design Code.

The approved planning documents associated with the LDO Second Revision 2017 along with guidance on the Confirmation of Compliance process can be viewed by clicking the link below.

View supporting documents associated with the LDO

How to submit a Pre-Confirmation of Compliance advice

The Pre-Confirmation of Compliance Guidance Note sets out the value, scope, process and cost of the pre-confirmation of compliance advice offered by Cherwell District Council in relation to proposals for self-build and custom build dwellings at Graven Hill.

An individual who is interested in delivering a self-build or custom build dwelling at Graven Hill under the terms of the LDO needs to apply to Cherwell Council’s Planning Office for “Confirmation of Compliance”. This is the formal checking process to ensure that any proposed design meets the requirements of the LDO.

However the formal Confirmation of Compliance application process does not allow for discussion and negotiation on whether the proposed dwelling complies, it is a simple yes or no response. Therefore to gain advice on whether a proposal complies with the LDO, and if not, what needs to change to ensure compliance, an applicant should submit a Pre-Confirmation of Compliance advice request.