Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document that contains policies for the use of land in a designated Neighbourhood area. Once a Plan has been drafted, people in the relevant area are asked to decide whether or not they would like Cherwell District Council to adopt the Plan. This is done through a Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.

The Mid Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared, and electors in the Mid Cherwell area will vote on Thursday 21 March for whether or not they want the plan to be adopted. The Mid Cherwell area includes the following villages:

  • Ardley with Fewcott
  • Duns Tew
  • Fritwell
  • Kirtlington
  • Lower Heyford
  • Middle Aston
  • Middleton Stoney
  • North Aston
  • Somerton
  • Steeple Aston
  • Upper Heyford

More information on the Mid Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Planning Policy pages.

The Notice of Referendum has now been published.

Poll cards will be sent out shortly to all those electors already registered and eligible to vote in this by-election. If you live in the Mid Cherwell area and are not yet registered to vote, you have until midnight on Tuesday 5 March to register to be able to vote in this by-election. Those electors who register before the deadline will receive confirmation they are eligible to vote.

If you are already registered, but will be away on polling day, you can apply for a postal vote. Completed applications must be received by us by 5pm on Wednesday 6 March. Postal votes will be sent out in two batches, the first around Monday 4 March and the second around Monday 11 March.

If you already have a postal vote, but you will be away when they are sent out, you can change the address your vote is sent to, or you can cancel it altogether. To change or cancel your postal vote you must let us know in writing (letter or email) by 5pm on 6 March; each person who wants to cancel a postal vote must contact us individually.

If you are going to be away on polling day and don’t want a postal vote, you can appoint a proxy (someone votes on your behalf) to vote in your usual polling station. Completed proxy applications must be received by us by 5pm on Wednesday 13 March. After this deadline we will write to your proxy to confirm they have been appointed.