Food and garden waste collections

Food and garden waste collections will be changing

Important changes to your waste collections

Between November 2021 and January 2022 we will be delivering a free 23-litre silver outdoor food caddy to all households in the district. 

We’ll let you know when to expect your caddy delivery by putting a bin hanger on one of your bins, two weeks before delivery. Once received, please start to use your caddy for food waste instead of putting it in the brown bin. To help you get started, we will also provide you with a roll of compostable caddy liners. Your food waste caddy will be collected weekly.


From February 2022, garden waste collections will change to a paid-for, opt-in service at a cost of £40 per year.  You will be able to sign up from December 2021 and those registering before 1 February 2022 will be charged a reduced rate of £36.  From February 2022 please do not put food waste in your brown garden waste bin, use your outdoor food waste caddy.

Why are we making these changes?

The new food waste service will lead to an overall increase in the amount of food waste collected.  This will help us achieve our environmental goals and meet the tough recycling targets that the Government has set us. We aim to increase the district's recycling rate above 60 per cent, putting us on course to be in the top ten districts nationally for recycling.

Collecting and recycling food waste not only reduces the amount of methane gas produced, which is a cause of climate change, it helps us cut the costs of waste disposal.

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