Your bins

What happens to your waste

Blue bin

Your blue bin waste is taken to a materials recovery facility in Leicestershire where it is separated into different types of material using various methods. Paper and cardboard are separated using rotating disks. Plastics are separated and sorted into different types using an optical sorter. Steel cans are separated using magnets and aluminium cans using an eddy current. Around the site the conveyor belts will also pass through visual inspection cabins where missed items are removed by hand. Once the different materials have been separated they are baled up and sent to re-processors to make new things.

Green bin

Your green bin waste is taken to an energy recovery facility in Oxfordshire where it is incinerated. The heat produced in this process is then used to generate electricity which is fed back into the national grid. The ash produced is collected and used as aggregate in the construction industry.

Brown bin

Your brown bin waste is taken to an in-vessel composting facility in Oxfordshire. We use this facility because your food and garden waste is composted together and cannot be composted at a traditional open composting site. By using an in-vessel composting facility the temperature can be maintained and kept higher to ensure that the food and garden waste is fully broken down and any harmful weeds and pathogens are destroyed. The compost produced is then sold on to local farmers and businesses.