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Where does my recycling go?

What happens to the recycling from the blue bin?

The recycling we collect in the blue is taken to two nearby depots, one in Cassington, Oxon and one in Helmdon, Northants. It is then picked up by the company, UPM, who sorts and recycles it all, and it is transported to Cheshire. Once there, it goes through a number of high tech sorting systems, which sort all the different materials apart. The video on the right highlights the process. The facility in Cheshire recycles 70% of the material on site, mostly paper & card. The rest is separated and sent on for recycling. Most of it will only move another 10-20 miles before being made into new products, and often within a few weeks.

Did you know? Although the waste travels to Cheshire, the carbon and financial cost of doing so, is tiny compared to the savings we make by recycling it in such a high tech facility.

What happens to the food and garden waste from my brown bin?

All of the food and garden waste collected by us is taken to a site near Ardley, Oxon. The food and garden waste are shredded and then put into large sealed composters, and are treated in a similar way to your compost bin at the bottom of the garden. It reaches over 60C for at least 48 hours and then is ready to be matured, like a fine wine. It will mature for between 4-6 weeks, and the result is a peat free compost product.

Did you know? This is all done in Oxfordshire, and the process costs less and reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared with sending it to landfill.

What happens to the glass from the recycling sites?

We have over 100 recycling sites across Cherwell to make it as easy as possible for residents to recycle their glass bottles & jars. The glass is collected by our dedicated crew and taken to Helmdon, Northants. It is then transported to the recycling facility where it is sorted, washed and sent to bottle & jar manufacturers. Residents are really good at recycling their glass bottles and jars last year over 5million glass bottles and jars were recycled in Cherwell.

Did you know? Glass is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled with no loss in quality!

What happens to the waste from my green bin?

All of the waste put into the green bin goes to the Energy Recovery Facility in Ardley. There is very little sorting, checking or filtering, so anything that you have put into the green bin will be put through the Energy Recovery process. The process over time will work out cheaper than landfill, but there is still a cost to do this, compared to recycling which brings in revenue, to help offset the cost of the service. For more information on the new site click here.

Did you know? Although energy is captured from these materials, any recyclable ones will never be able to be recycled again. So anything that can be recycled should still go into your blue and brown bins.

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