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Affordable warmth

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Oxfordshire has received money from the Department of Health to help vulnerable residents keep warm and well in winter. A wide range of organisations have come together to provide the following practical help for people in need.

Is keeping warm a big cost? The affordable warmth network and warm homes, healthy people initiatives have been set up to help you stay warm and well this winter.

Cold weather can bring on illness, especially if you have an existing health condition. Image depicting Affordable warmth network logo
Affordable warmth network logo

We have joined up with other local organisations to advise residents on how to keep warm over winter and keep bills down at the same time. Warm homes, healthy people can provide practical help on the following:

  • Practical refurbishments for households vulnerable to the cold (over 60s and other vulnerable groups)
  • Delivery of additional benefit entitlement checks
  • Free membership to an oil bulk-buying scheme for up to 250 households
  • Provision of fuel vouchers and food boxes
  • Specialist energy advice training
  • Talks and events for relevant groups (WIs, over 60s social groups, young parents, community groups, etc.)

Find out more by calling the affordable warmth helpline on 0800 107 0044

The affordable warmth helpline is run by the United Sustainable Energy Agency in partnership with Oxfordshire based organisations. United sustainable energy agency

Support is subject to funding being available and clients meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Insulating your home is the most effective way to reduce energy bills. The government's flagship Green Deal scheme enables occupants (whether they own or rent) to insulate their homes and to make other energy efficiency improvements, with no up front costs. For more details go to the Green deal page.


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