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Cherwell's fight against HS2 moves to the High Court

On Monday 3 December, Cherwell District Council and the 14 other councils opposing the high speed rail link, HS2, will be in court to witness their judicial review of the Government's decision to press ahead with the £34billion project heard.

Cherwell's lead member for planning, Cllr Michael Gibbard said: "Cherwell was one of the first authorities to oppose this colossal white elephant.  At the time of the announcement we made a promise to local residents that we would stand with them and fight against it - and we remain true to our word. 

"It is unfortunate we have had to take this step, but we maintain that this scheme is fundamentally flawed and we are disappointed that our voice is not being heard.

He added: "Many homes and businesses will suffer if this scheme proceeds, but locally there will be no benefit."

Cherwell District Council is set to fight the proposals alongside other members of the 51m alliance, a group of local authorities that have joined together in a national campaign to challenge the HS2 rail project. 

It is anticipated that the case will take two days to be heard.

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