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Bodicote circular walk

A gentle stroll in the countryside around Bodicote and Saltway with plenty of local and natural history.

Bodicote is one mile south of Banbury. Please note this walk is 3 miles/4.8 km.

Route advice and text amendments

!March 2016 - Direction 4 - please take care over the stile as it is unstable

Direction 1 - The Baker's Arms is now 'The Spice Room Bar and Indian Restaurant'.

Direction 2 - No shops now past Paddock Farm Lane.

Direction 3 - Minor amendment to last sentence - "Turn left into Salt Way and follow it (passing a footpath to the left) until......"

Direction 4 - Should now read "Turn left off the Salt Way, just before the next footpath going left, following the bridle way along the hedgerow and small stream and then through a bridle gate onto a track.  Pass a modern house on your right and then bear right through the second bridle gate into a field. Head down the field, over a stile to a gate at the bottom by the road".

Direction 5 - Should now read "Cross the road with care (Wykham Lane) and go through the bridle gate. Walk straight ahead staying parallel with the hedge on your left until you get to the corner (see map). Then Continue to walk parallel with the fence line on your right. Bear right around lake and go through a bridle gate. Follow the track to and through another bridlegate adjacent to a cattle grid".

Direction 6 - Should now read "Continue straight on to the next field boundary ahead and go through the bridle gate in the right hand corner, to the right of the field gate. Follow the path, which is low lying and shares its route with a stream and then the Sor Brook. This stretch can be very muddy and sometimes flooded after rain so please do not proceed if the water level is deep. You will eventually reach Upper Grove Mill".

Direction 7 - Should now read "You are now in Bloxham Parish. Passing the Mill on your right, bear left and continue up the track (passing the site of the castle - Castlemead - on the left) for 350 metres. Turn left onto Bloxham Grove Road and then pass through/around a field gate beside a cattle grid. Continue and notice the windmill on your right - well worth a pause here to enjoy the views towards Bodicote to your left and across country to your right".

Direction 8 - Should now read "On reaching the buildings of Bloxham Grove Farm bear right, keeping the wall to your left. Continue straight on and follow the track ahead which gradually descends to Lower Grove Mill".

Direction 9 - Should now read "Continue through the yard of the Mill, between Mill House Lower Grove on your right and Sorbrook Mill on your left, and across the Sor Brook (re-entering Bodicote Parish). Then follow the track which leads you back up to the village via Austin Road".

Updated: March 2016

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