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View/comment on planning apps

Use of the the Public Access for Planning service assumes that you have read, understood and agreed to the

pdf privacy policy and terms and conditions (13kb)

of use.

To view a planning application click here

The Public Access service allows you to:

  • comment on an application (validated applications should be available for comment within 5 working days of being received)
  • search and view planning application details  (historic applications back to 1995),
  • research the planning history of a property (back to 1995),
  • register to receive email notifications of certain planning applications,
  • view the weekly list of new and recent planning applications,
  • comment on current applications (like all comments received by the Council, these are open to public inspection),
  • see planning decisions and
  • monitor planning application progress,
  • view details of planning appeals 
  • search and view  enforcement details  back to 2008
    (NOTE: For reasons of confidentiality we may choose not to display certain enforcements.)

To find out more about how to use the system, see our guide below:

pdf Public Access guide (1.3Mb)

In order to track applications, save searches and submit comments you will need to register.

Viewing documents

When viewing associated documents the window that appears listing all available documents has now changed. The 'View' button has been removed and replaced with individual web links to each document. Under the column Application Number each document can now be opened by just clicking on the application number which is in blue and underlined.

As well as being available through this Public Access system, a copy of the application may be inspected at the council offices at Bodicote House during normal working hours (8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday) or may be available for inspection from the Clerk to the relevant town or parish council or parish meeting.

Applications for development within the town of Banbury may also be inspected at Banbury Town Council, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Banbury.

Copies of applications may be obtained at Bodicote House for a fee.

Public comments

If you have any comments on an application, you can submit them:

  • via the Public Access service. You must register/login first
  • by emailing the Planning department (with your full name and address included) using the 'email us' link on the right of this page
  • or by post within 21 days of the date of publication otherwise they may fail to be considered by the council in determining the application.

Only comments relating to planning matters will be taken into account. (See also the 'planning applications - consultation' page for guidance on what considerations can be taken into account in determining a planning application using the link on the right hand side of this page)

Please note - under the 'Comments' tab, public comments have deliberately been hidden.

The reason for this is that the total number of comments displayed may not reflect the actual number of comments received via all delivery channels and so may appear miscalculated.  The number shown in Public Access only reflects the ones submitted though the Public Access website.  To be able to see all comments submitted please click on the 'Documents' tab and 'View Associated Documents' link.

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