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Holiday activities for young people

We provide an extensive range of holiday sessions, sports coaching and activities for children of all abilities between the ages of 5 and 15 years old.

May Half Term Hubs 2017

Activities will take place at North Oxfordshire Academy, Banbury, Cooper School, Bicester and Winchester House School, Brackley.  Booking line will open at 10.00am on Monday 8th May 2017.  Call 01295 221803 to make a booking.

The sessions provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn, improve, make friends and have fun.

The children are split into 5-7 and 8 years plus age groups.  Every day a coached activity will be delivered by a qualified coach who is linked to a local club to make children aware of the local club in the area and where to carry on participation afterwards. Coached sessions will normally run between 10am-12pm.

Throughout the day Multi Skills, Fun & Games, Team Activities and Arts and Crafts are delivered.

  • Multi Skills - these activities are based around the fundamentals of movement and play, agility, balance, coordination and speed.  Activities are fun sessions working on these fundamentals and how to progress these to improve levels.
  • Fun & Games - these activities are all about engagement of the children and used as introduction games such as clap catch, parachute games, splat and more to encourage children to participate.
  • Team Games - these are normally played in the afternoon after skills have been developed through the day. Obstacle relays will be played along with team games such as rounders. Kwik Cricket, and many more.
  • Arts & Crafts - will be participated in the afternoon to cool down and cater for young people who enjoy arts and crafts. Every day will be themed Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Space, Animals etc and arts and crafts activities will be based around these themes.

Session structure and price

8.45am to 3.00pm    £14.95 per session
8.45am to 5.00pm    £18.95 per session

North Oxfordshire Academy, Banbury
Cooper School Sport Facility, Bicester
Winchester House School, Brackley

Important information

  • Please be aware that the Hubs may not be available at all the venues listed during Half Term holidays. 
  • Hubs do not take place on bank holidays
  • We do not accept any form of childcare vouchers.


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