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Battery recycling

You can now recycle your household batteries with your kerbside collections.

Our kerbside battery recycling scheme aims to increase the number of batteries recycled. Batteries contain mercury, lead or cadmium that can be recycled and made into new batteries. This reduces the need to source virgin materials and helps to protect the environment.

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We provide plastic battery recycling bags for all AAA, AA, C and D size batteries as well as button, mobile phone, laptop and rechargeable batteries.

How the collection works?

1. Fill the bag provided (or any sandwich/plastic bag) with your old batteries.

2. When it's full, leave it out for collection. There is no set collection day. It can be put out with either your recycling or green bin collections, just make sure the bag is on top of the bin or box.

3. The crews will collect the bag and place into a compartment on the side of the refuse vehicle.

4. If you need any extra bags simply use any other type of bag such as a sandwich bag.

Please note, that car batteries cannot be collected in this scheme: take them to your nearest household waste recycling centre. Please see web link to the right.

In addition to the kerbside scheme we have 34 battery recycling banks around the district. To find your nearest see the link on the right.


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