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I am moving home, how do I advise the council tax section?

Please complete the online form.

If you are moving within the Cherwell area you must supply the following details of both your old and new addresses:

  • completion dates or tenancy start/end dates
  • dates of when furniture was moved in or out, if applicable.
  • the name of your landlord or new owner
  • change of address form

When the billing and collection section has all the relevant information you will receive one bill for your old address, charging you up to the day your liability ended, and another bill showing a new account number and an instalment plan calculated from the day you became liable at your new address.

If one of the addresses is outside the Cherwell district you should also notify that local council as well as Cherwell.

Please Note: If the value of the property has increased due to work carried out this may affect the Council Tax bill. The banding will be reviewed when it is sold. Any change in the banding will take effect only from the date of sale.

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