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Street parties

Street parties and fetes are "get-togethers" that groups of residents arrange for their neighbours.

What is a street party?

Street parties and fetes are "get-togethers" that groups of residents arrange for their neighbours. The main differences between a small party, fetes and larger public events are listed below:

 Street parties and fetesLarger public events

For residents/neighbours only

Anyone can attend                               

Advertised only to residents

Advertised widely (such as newspapers)

No licences normally necessary if music is incidental and no selling is involved

Licence usually needed

No formal risk assessment needed, unless a road closure is required

Risk assessment common


Professional/skilled organisers

Although insurance cover is not compulsory Oxfordshire County Council would recommend that organisers effect cover in the event that they are held legally liable to pay compensation if an accident occurs or some third party's property is damaged

Insurance needed

Who you need to speak to?

Organising small, private street parties and fetes is very simple and generally does not include activities that need a licence, such as selling alcohol or providing certain types of entertainment.

If you would like to hold a street party or fete which requires a road to be closed, please complete the Application for a Temporary Road Closure in Online Forms (right). 

If you are in a village please let your parish council know of your intention as they may be able to offer help or advice.

If you want to have a pay bar or intend to provide entertainment to the wider public, or charge to raise money for your event, you will need to apply for a temporary event notice which is a type of temporary licence.

Similarly larger public events attracting more people will require a different process.

If you need a Temporary Events Notice or would like to hold a larger public event, please contact Street Licensing (see contacts to the right).

The top tips for holding a party are to:

  • plan early
  • think about what you want to achieve
  • get in touch with us at least 4-6 weeks in advance.

    If a "first time" temporary road closure  is required, normally, you will need to give us at least 12 weeks notice.
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