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Economic development strategy

We have a vision for the economy of Cherwell, north Oxfordshire in the year 2016 and we invite you to share it with us.

Cherwell is a tremendous location where businesses can flourish. Home to over 6,000 companies, local networks and partnerships have created a strong and resilient business community which has, in recent recessionary times, continued to evolve. We want to ensure that successful evolution continues!

This pdf Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016 (915kb) builds upon the success of previous work, adding new insights and understanding that has resulted from discussions with businesses and partners, and innovative local research during a time of immense organisational, political and economic change.

There is a strong collective will to join together through formal structures, particularly the Cherwell Local Strategic Partnership and informally to maximise opportunities locally for the benefit of the district's businesses, employees, residents and visitors.

We consulted extensively on a draft economic development strategy between November 2010 and January 2011, before examining our services for 'value for money' and devising an action plan with partners. The Strategy has been approved by both the executive of Cherwell district council and the board of Cherwell's local strategic partnership.

Cherwell, North Oxfordshire is outward looking and located at the heart of the high growth, innovative areas between Milton Keynes and Oxford. This ensures that our businesses can influence the two new local enterprise partnerships: Oxfordshire and South East Midlands:   Oxfordshire  and South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership

Interactive Adopted Policies Map

The Interactive Adopted Policies Map brings together the development plan allocations and policy maps from the adopted district and Neighbourhood Plans. The mapping system additionally enables access to the latest information for planning applications, conservation area boundaries and listed buildings. This can prove valuable to businesses when planning or considering any development. For further details about the map and the link to view it, please click on the following link.

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