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Community and Parish Biodiversity Guidance

Communities can provide vital help for wildlife by appreciating, protecting and enhancing biodiversity in their local area. Parish councils also have a duty to conserve biodiversity and this duty can be fulfilled through taking care of and improving important local wildlife features.

Various resources are available under downloads on this page:

  • The Community and Parish Guide to Biodiversity includes handy sections on getting started on relevant projects, carrying out practical conservation work, sources of funding, training and advice, and examples of what other Oxfordshire communities have achieved.
  • Information and advice on creating wildflower meadows for communities who are interested in planting for pollinators on their village green, in their churchyard, in their school grounds or in their gardens.
  • Support and funding is available from TOE2 for local projects in the three areas of biodiversity, access to green spaces and energy efficiency/use of renewable resources.

If you are interested in swift talks, walks, and showings of the film 'Swift Stories' please see the 2015 Project Report (under downloads) on the  Swifts conservation project page.

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