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Adderbury circular walk and village trail

Taking in fine views of the churches of three parishes and crossing pleasant undulating farmland, passing cottages and millstreams.

Adderbury is three miles south of Banbury.  Please note this walk is 3.6 miles/6 km.Image depicting Circular Walks leaflet cover: Adderbury
Circular Walks leaflet cover: Adderbury

Route advice and text amendments

There is only one stile on the route at direction 13.

Direction 4 - the second gate mentioned is also now a kissing gate.

Direction 8 - the field gate is no longer there.

Direction 9 - the field gate is no longer there.

Direction 11 - the stile remains but there is now a metal kissing gate also.

Direction 13 - the second gate is no longer there.

Direction 14 - Turn right and walk uphill (now on a permissive path), then through a gate between stone walls and high fencing.  Walk along the alleyway and through a second gate onto Manor Road.

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