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No place like home - young people's homelessness campaign

Learning resource for young people.

The no place like home campaign reinforces our commitment to promoting a healthier and safer district by focusing on the merits of young people staying with their parents rather than risk homelessness by leaving home.

The campaign offers the whole family support and guidance in tackling typical parent and teenage issues.

A 30 minute film - made by students from Oxford and Cherwell Valley College - is based on three case studies of young people who leave their families, and become homeless, before they return home and make up with their parents. The films can be viewed below.

No place like home - the right chord movie

No place like home - in by midnight movie

No place like home - family ties movie

An education resource pack has been distributed to schools and youth clubs across Oxfordshire - it's designed as a teaching aid for the school curriculum about working through issues at home. The resource pack can be accessed through the download section on the right of the page.

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