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Street name and numbering

We are responsible for providing names for new streets and for the numbering or naming of new properties in the area.

What the service is for

We assign street names and numbers and provide the emergency service, Land Registry, and relevant council services with a copy of the naming/numbering schedule.

We name streets on new developments and assigns numbers to individual properties.

If the owner of an existing property has a house name rather than a house number and wishes to change that name, we also administer that process.

In order to make an application or enquiry regarding street naming and numbering, please use the online form 'Street naming and numbering application' (right).

Details required

For existing householders wishing to change their house names we will require evidence that they are the owner.

We are responsible for ensuring that the name of every street is clearly marked using suitable street nameplates. Please use the form below to report a damaged or missing street nameplate in the district. Please note that issues with any other street sign should be reported to Oxfordshire County Council.

Report a problem with an existing street nameplate

How long will it take?

We aim to conclude house name changes within 15 working days.

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