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What jobseekers say about the job clubs and fairs

All jobseekers are welcomed at the weekly job clubs and special job fairs. There is nothing to lose by attending and everything to gain; the service has played its part in helping people change their lives for the better. The comments below are indicative of the response of thousands of local people helped in recent years - not to mention the satisfied employers who have been able to fill their vacant positions.

"Lynette's emails are 'informative, packed full of useful links and information with fantastic opportunities. People in Cherwell should be happy they have such a proactive service putting them in touch with opportunities because there are plenty out there." RA - Bicester

"The job fairs were invaluable and the access and support you give to other services was second to none.  I gained some confidence back by joining the maths courses and also there was a lovely lady I saw a few times at the Methodist church who helped me with my CV and letters and things. She also gave me insight into other career directions. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team do - it's brilliant!" NJ - Bicester

"I am thrilled to have found a job so quickly, not only that but something I will enjoy!" DG - Banbury

"I found my job on the Job Centre computer but I did have a meeting with Gennie Mockford whom I met at the job club and I found her help and advice very useful and encouraging.  I am 'over 50' and thought there was nothing out there for me."  EM, Banbury

"I found the job club very friendly and welcoming with a wide range of relevant and useful information.  The regular newsletter gave me details of a workshop directly related to my change of career which I attended and came away full of enthusiasm.  Thank you."  JB - Shipston on Stour

"I applied for the job on Monday of this week and have already been offered a position. I will be starting my new job tomorrow. I wanted to thank you for keeping in touch, for your emails and for all the information you provided." DG - Banbury

"Helpful people who are actually interested in helping you find work." LD - Banbury

"I've got good news. I've got the job. So happy. I would like to say thanks Suzanne for helping me - and your colleagues." AP - Bicester 

"I left my details with several recruitment agencies at the Bicester job fair (April 2015). One of them called me the following day and organised an interview for the next day and I started work three days later. That was very lucky and quick! Thanks to the Bicester job fair." MD - Bicester

"Extremely helpful - I'm coming back to work on my CV and interview skills and meanwhile I'll consider the opportunities presented by volunteering to get experience." MW - Banbury

"I have now found full-time employment working as a manager of a concession in a retail store and at present I am enjoying the different roles and responsibilities - it isn't quite what I wanted but a good challenge and it will develop my knowledge and experience when I look for new employment, such as working for The National Trust. Many thanks for your emails and suggested posts of employment." - KB, Banbury

"I currently have a job and all is going well. Should I need your services in the future I will definitely contact you as I have to say you were very useful at the time I was out of work. Thank you so much for all your help." NJ - Bicester

"The support for my CV and information about applying for a job was excellent." MK - Bicester

"I liked the help with my CV and meeting friendly faces. Very helpful." SS - Banbury

"I found it to be very welcoming and friendly. I have seen quite a few jobs that I am interested in and have found the advice I received very useful." CE - Kidlington

"Job club personnel were extremely helpful, welcoming. Excellent sources of information." CM - Banbury

Other quotes include:

"Positive atmosphere. This is really helpful after being laid off." AA - Banbury 

"Lots of interesting information, especially from the college." HB - Banbury

"They are very proactive in helping with the task of finding work. They give helpful advice and send good updates." GM - Banbury

"Very useful information on attending IT courses." SD - Bicester

"I have been offered a contract after a successful interview. Thank you for your efforts." GM - Bicester

"Great advice given. I start on an IT course on Monday." PT, Bicester

"The job club ladies are fab!" GN - Banbury

"10/10 for the work you do. It is encouraging." GM - Bicester

"I'm just letting you know that I am now in employment as a sales assistant. Once again, thank you ever so much for the help you gave me in improving my CV. it was gratefully appreciated." MW - Banbury

"It was very useful to actually speak to someone that understands the issues of looking for work." NL - Bicester

"The Banbury Job Fair was a good, vibrant event with lots of useful information and helpful people." NP - Banbury

"Help with CVs appreciated and was given the confidence to go forward as being made redundant after 41 years." SR - Banbury

"You mentioned the Job Club and asked did I find it useful... the answer is a big 'Yes'. Well-organised and it gave me ideas I could work on. Would recommend it to anyone!" CM - near Banbury

"The outcome of all the help I received is that I have found a new job. I have been in my new job for a month and still enjoying it. My new job is as a Parts Advisor, which carries less responsibility and is more convenient because it's closer to home. I can't thank you all enough for your help. I am sure without the knowledge and confidence you gave me I wouldn't have secured my new job." RG - Bicester

"Talking to the Careers Advice Service and the local college representative about my options plus the opportunity to browse through local vacancies through newspapers and on computers was really good." CA - Banbury

"Thank you for all your help with my CV. It was a hit and I will be starting my new job on Sunday. This is a big thank you as I don't think I would be going back to work as soon as I am without your help." JJ - Banbury

Bicester Job Fair - April 2014

"The job fair was excellent. Amazing. Really helpful. Glad I came." LD - Bicester

"Friendly and helpful from the moment I entered."  BB - Banbury

"It was easy to get around and the people there were helpful. It was well laid out." RH - Banbury

"I found the information on apprenticeships the most useful." AC - Banbury

Banbury Job Fair - September 2014

"The most useful part of the job fair to me was being able to talk about the jobs and see what to do before applying for one." KN - Banbury

"Friendly staff, great handouts and lots of useful information." CM - Banbury

"National Careers Service - excellent! Overall, very helpful." SB - Banbury

"Lots of information and caring and helpful people. Would definitely recommend." SO - Banbury

"Just chatting to employers and finding out what is available was so useful." BW - Banbury

"Found jobs I didn't even know about. It was really useful. I will come again" AB - Banbury

"There was a good balance of jobs." WW - Banbury

"I appreciated the voluntary work information from Sheila." SV - Banbury

"I found the Cherwell Mobile Advice Service most useful." TF - Banbury

"I found Home Instead very informative about their roles and values." SH - Banbury

"So many opportunities and so much knowledge! Amazing!" KG - Banbury

Bicester Job Fair - October 2014

"I enjoyed the direct interaction with employers on an informal basis." SN - Bicester

"I was glad to be able to ask questions about a job I'd already applied for. A really good venue and helpful people all round. Thank you!" DP - Bicester

"All those agencies and employers under one roof." CW - Bicester

"Being able to discuss options rather than over the internet." SB - Bicester

"Very kind employers who took the time to find out what I needed." HC - Bicester

"More than I ever expected. Thank you!" NL - Bicester

"Lots of information and a friendly relaxed environment." HM - Bicester

"Being able to actually talk to companies and recruitment agencies was best." PR - Bicester

"I enjoyed the recipes from Fresh Direct!" ZS - Bicester

"Enjoyed the types of job that were available." MK - Bicester

"I enjoyed talking to the National Career Service." AF - Bicester

"We were able to talk to real people and not just email them." AS - Bicester

"There was lots of good information on arrival." CS - Bicester

"It was good to meet with a careers advisor." LW - Bicester

"Lots of employers in one place and jobs available that are not found online." MG - Kidlington

"Good to get advice on courses and apprenticeships. I enjoyed meeting Wilmott Dixon." NL - Bicester

"Pleased to see a stand with volunteering opportunities." DP - Bicester

"It was good to talk to Oxfordshire Business Enterprises." AP - Bicester

"All the employers took some great amount of time. The front desk were very helpful and knowledgeable." CH - Bicester

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