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Energy efficiency

We are committed to promoting energy saving measures and improving the overall energy efficiency of homes in our area.

What is energy efficiency?

Being energy efficient is about making the best use of the energy resources we have. By reducing the amount of energy we need for heating, lighting and running appliances in the home we can save money and protect our environment. There are a number of straightforward ways of saving energy, making your home more efficient and cheaper to run. They include:

•improving insulation

•improving heating and hot-water controls

•fitting more efficient boilers and heaters

•using low-energy light bulbs and choosing energy efficient appliances.

Some cost nothing at all, such as switching off lights and electrical equipment and turning down thermostats.

Worried about your energy bills? You can get free impartial advice from the Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network helpline. Some ways for you to help keep costs down through energy efficiency improvements (such as insulation and heating upgrades) are set out below.

Green Deal

The Government has ceased funding Green Deal with the effect that it has effectively closed for new applications. More information is available on the Government's website which can be accessed using the link on the right. 

Energy Company Obligation

Alongside the Green Deal, the Energy Company Obligation (or ECO) is a scheme where large energy suppliers are required to help people keep their homes more energy efficient through funding. Through this scheme you may be eligible to receive energy efficiency grants of up to 100%.

Owner Occupiers

Along with possible assistance through Green Deal & ECO funding (see above), we also offer Flexible Home Improvement Loans to owner occupiers over the age of 60. These loans can be used for Energy Efficiency Improvements.

Private Landlords

We offer a contributory grant for landlords towards energy efficiency Improvements in Privately Rented Properties; this is known as the Cherwell Energy Efficiency Project Grant (CHEEP Grant) and can contribute towards the cost of installing improved Insulation, installing double glazing and installing or upgrading gas boilers.

Energy Saving Advice

If you would like Independent and impartial advice in relation to Energy Efficiency improvements to your property or about the Green Deal, please contact:

- Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Helpline on 0800 107 0044


- Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234

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