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Swifts Conservation Project

Swifts are visitors to the UK that create "the sound of summer". Their spectacular acrobatic flight and calls can enliven even the grimmest urban landscape and their vast appetite for aphids and mosquitoes also does us a lot of good.

Information collected by the British Trust for Ornithology shows that the number of swifts breeding in Britain has declined considerably over the last 20 years.  Much of the decline is caused by the loss of nesting sites due to building repairs or even simple re-pointing of brickwork, which means that swifts can no longer access traditional sites.

The Cherwell Swifts Conservation Project has been recording swifts for eight years.  Its aim is to encourage as many local people as possible to help gather information about where swifts are nesting. This information makes it easier to preserve nest sites. Existing nest places can be reinstated and new ones designed and built into eaves. Swift nest boxes can also be installed. Without this information nest sites will continue to be lost.

Project guidance and the 2015 project report are available as downloads from the right.

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