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Mortgage arrears

You may be experiencing difficulties paying your mortgage or you may be worried about the security of your home due to a change of circumstances such as unemployment.

What the service is for:

We provide housing advice to all residents and one of our aims is prevent homelessness. If you are behind with your mortgage payments or you are concerned about your present situation, particularly if your mortgage provider has started repossession action, please contact us.

How you can access the service:

You can contact us:

  • by phone
  • by letter
  • by email 
  • in person

Our contact details are on the right side of this page.

We will offer you advice on your situation. We may refer you to an appropriate advice agency, such as Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Details required:

We will discuss with you whether if you need any documentary proof. Depending on your circumstances proof required may include:

  • the name of your mortgage lender
  • the type of mortgage
  • the value of your property
  • the amount of mortgage and other debts
  • confirmation of the change in your circumstances which has led to the arrears.
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