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We ask people their views in order to improve our services and policies.

Good communication with local people has never been more important. To give customers an opportunity to have their say we regularly run events and consultations such as surveys, forums and discussion groups. Without them, we cannot be sure that we are delivering our services in the right way. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

Take part in our satisfaction survey

It is important to us to find out what you think of the services Cherwell District Council provides for the district. So each year we undertake a customer satisfaction survey. It helps us to find out how happy you are with our services and identify priorities and improve services for the future.

SPA Future Thinking is carrying out the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015 survey on our behalf so you can be sure that the answers you give are confidential. The survey closes on 10 July

SPA Future Thinking Cherwell Disctrict Council Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015 

Win, win, win...

Local produce hamper!

Return the Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire today and enter our prize draw to win a local produce hamper (worth £50).

The prize draw is conducted in compliance with the Market Research Society Rules and Regulations for administering prize draws.

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More information about our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

For more information on our approach please look at our pdf consultation and engagement strategy (130kb) that we adopted in May 2012.

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