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We ask people their views in order to improve our services and policies.

Council Tax reduction scheme consultation

Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a means-tested discount to help people on low incomes pay their Council Tax. It is a local scheme run by Cherwell District Council that replaced Council Tax Benefit. No money is paid to the people who claim it. Instead, we reduce their Council Tax bill by the amount of support they are entitled to.

The consultation will be from 11 September 2018 to 9 October 2018.  Council Tax reduction scheme survey

Good communication with local people has never been more important. To give customers an opportunity to have their say we regularly run events and consultations such as surveys, forums and discussion groups. Without them, we cannot be sure that we are delivering our services in the right way. If you require more information about this consultation please contact the Consultation and Engagement team. 

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