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Online Services

For a full list of the Council services you can access online see Online Services.

At the top of every page you will find the main blue navigation bar including menu items 'Residents' and 'Business'.  These lead to pages relating to either Cherwell residents (e.g. Council Tax, recycling, housing) or businesses (e.g. business rates, licences, commercial waste collection).  

The green navigation bar shows the service areas below each, e.g. hovering over 'Council Tax' will display a submenu leading to further Council Tax pages.

The 'Your Council' area includes information on councillors, elections and meetings - including the facility to watch council meetings online.

Additional blue navigation blocks will appear within pages as you proceed through the site.

The search facility allows a keyword to be entered and the whole of this site to be searched.

Site map
The site map shows a list of all the articles in the site, in a tree-like structure. Clicking on any of the articles links the user directly to the particular article.

Related information
On the right hand side on certain pages there may be 'See also' links to other relevant useful information, online forms or documents.

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