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Eco town news

Recent news releases on the proposed eco town

image depicting Eco Bicester demonstration project
First Eco Bicester demonstration project opens (27 May 2011)|
The Bicester demonstration building show-cases the very latest in green technologies. You can visit the building to learn how a greener home can save money and help the environment. It is open to the public from Tuesday 31 May, opening daily between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. It's situated in the grounds of Garth Park, Launton Road, Bicester. Weekend opening times will be published in due course.
image depicting Eco Bicester Logo
Massive boost for Eco Bicester (22 March 2011)|
The Government has reaffirmed its support for Eco Bicester by announcing an additional £3.55 million support funding. Last year housing minister, Grant Shapps, announced that the project would receive between a further £1 million and £3 million.
image depicting Jonathan Shaw MP
Government focus turns to Bicester - 11 November 2009|
All eyes will be on Bicester on Wednesday 9 December when Cherwell District Council and Bicester Vision welcome a government minister and representatives from government departments to the town's first Bicester Summit. Jonathan Shaw MP, minister for the south east, will deliver a keynote speech to an invited audience, outlining some of the government supported initiatives which will benefit Bicester in coming years.
image depicting image of Eco town bid cover October 2009
20 million pound eco town funding bid submitted - 30 October 2009|
Cherwell District Council has asked central government for 20 million pounds to help fund the initial stages of the proposed eco development in North West Bicester.
image depicting map showing Weston Otmoor eco town between Bicester and Oxford
Eco town progresses behind the scenes - 21 September 2009|
Cherwell District Council is working on a submission which will lay claim to some of the £60 million funding pot which has been ring fenced by the government for the four eco developments announced earlier this year.
image depicting NW Bicester
Government gives green light for eco town development at NW Bicester - 16 July 2009|
North West Bicester site favoured by Government for eco-development. Weston Otmoor site ruled out. Local consultation is next step.
image depicting Image of potential eco development site in north west Bicester
Developer confirms interest in NW Bicester eco development site - 30 June 2009|
Development company P3Eco has expressed interest in creating proposals for an eco settlement at Cherwell District Council's promoted site to the north west of Bicester. Devised as an alternative to the eco town proposed for Weston Otmoor, the NW Bicester site will provide 5,000 high specification eco homes and 5,000 jobs for local people if the Government decides it should go ahead.
image depicting map showing Weston Otmoor eco town between Bicester and Oxford
Government confirms Bicester won't get two eco towns - 21 May 2009|
Cherwell District Council has received confirmation from the government that Bicester will not end up with two eco towns.
Cherwell hosts eco town meeting with housing minister and Bicester residents - 6 March 2009|
Housing minister Margaret Beckett met with residents of Bicester and surrounding parishes to discuss the potential eco town concept proposed by Cherwell District Council, at Bicester Country Club, on Thursday 5 March.
image depicting map showing Weston Otmoor eco town between Bicester and Oxford
Report says Weston eco town 'not the best option' for Bicester and Kidlington - 15 January 2009|
An independent report to examine the economic and social impacts of a potential eco town at Weston Otmoor concludes that the development would compete with Bicester and Kidlington, rather than compliment their future growth.
image depicting Cllr Barry Wood thumbnail image for news
Damaging eco town proposal 'not dead yet' warns local council leader - 19 November 2008|
Cherwell councillors have warned against complacency that the Weston Otmoor eco town proposal has been killed off - even though it was given the lowest possible rating in the Government's first round appraisal of the proposals.
Cherwell's Eco Town concept reflects current housing plans|
Cherwell District Council has confirmed the idea of an alternative eco site in North West Bicester could keep any eco development imposed by Government in line with its own long term planning objectives for the area.
Councils vow to continue eco town fight |
Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council have responded to publication of the Government's draft Planning Policy Statement on Eco Towns and the associated Sustainability Appraisal of proposed locations by reaffirming their opposition to the proposed Weston Otmoor site.
Bicester North West Eco community - background|
Cherwell District Council has opposed the eco-town at Weston Otmoor. It considers that a large free-standing town like that at Weston Otmoor would harm Bicester. The Council has made clear to Government its commitment to making sure that Bicester remains a balanced community, providing new jobs and facilities for the people that live there.
United Councils call for eco-town public consultation|
• Cherwell District and Oxfordshire County Councils host eco town consultation session on 19 June • Local interest groups invited to attend • Full public consultation to be held in July and August.
image depicting Map showing location of the Weston Otmoor - Alternative Eco Town
Weston Otmoor - alternative eco-town proposal for Sustainability Appraisal testing|
As an alternative to the Weston Otmoor eco-town proposal, consideration has been given to an eco-town on the edge of Bicester, directly abutting the town.
Eco Towns|
Earlier this year the government announced plans to create up to 15 new 'eco towns' in locations across the UK. One of the proposed locations is Weston on the Green, a village three miles outside of Bicester.
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