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Rubbish and recycling collections

From 1 August 2017 bin collection days will be changing for around half of the districts households.

pdf New collection dates 1 August 2017 (298kb) Collection days will remain as usual until 1 August 2017.

General Information

Over 80% of our waste can be recycled in Cherwell so we want to help residents to recycle as much as possible.  Residents have three bins to deal with their waste,  

  • a blue bin for recycling,
  • a brown food and garden waste bin, kitchen caddy; and
  • a green bin for waste that goes to an ERF (Energy Recovery Facility)

Please contact us if any of the bins are missing. Moving to a new property? If yes please contact us to order your bins.

The bins are emptied on alternate weeks, with the blue and brown bins one week, then the green bin the next. Households can have up to five recycling bins, so any combination of 5 blue or brown bins. As nearly 80% of waste can be recycled or composted, each household should only have one green bin, the collection crews do monitor this.Image depicting Batteries and Small electrical items
Batteries and Small electrical items

We can also collect old batteries and small electrical items at the kerbside. You can put them in separate bags on top of any of your bins on collection day. Remember to keep the batteries separate from the small electrical items.

We operate an in house waste and recycling service, please see contracts register to the right for any contracts related to the waste and recycling collections.

Residents of flats

Residents of flats in the district often share bins in communal areas. The blue and brown recycling bins are emptied one week, and the green waste bins are emptied the next. Residents in flats now have kitchen caddies for food waste to go in the brown bins in the bin stores. The bins are collected from the bin store so you do not need to move them to the kerbside.

Please note we will not collect side waste - please ensure all rubbish/recycling is put in the bin and please keep bin stores tidy.

Some developments also have black wheeled bins for the collection of glass bottles and jars - please separate clear, green and brown glass. If your flats development does not have glass recycling facilities and there is space for the additional containers, please contact waste and recycling customer services listed under Contacts (right) who will arrange for a site visit if appropriate.

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