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Video clip - where it all goes (blue box/bin)

Watch the video clip to see what happens to the contents of your blue box/bin after it's taken from the kerbside by our collection vehicle.

Paper, cardboard, metal and plastic recycling

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The contents of the blue box/bin go to the recycling sorting centre.  Metal, plastic, paper and card are all mixed up when they arrive.  Everything is fed into a hopper.  The materials are then all sorted. Some items are done by hand, others by magnets and weight.  Each material fills a hopper and is then sent by conveyor to be crushed into bales.  Cardboard and paper are sold and taken to paper mills.  Plastic and metal is recycled into all kinds of household goods.  Cherwell's residents recycle over 200 tonnes of paper, cardboard, plastic and metal every week.

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