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Licence - lottery

Under the Gambling Act 2005 societies or organisations that are conducting small lotteries, raffles etc. to raise money for charity, sports and other similar purposes, for non-personal or non-commercial reasons must be registered.

What the service is for:

There are various types of lotteries and it should be determined which category your lottery will fall into before proceeding with an application.

There are four types of exempt lotteries listed under the Gambling Act 2005. They are:-

  • non commercial small society lotteries registration required
  • incidental non-commercial lotteries no permit or registration required
  • private lotteries no permit or registration required
  • customer lotteries -  no permit or registration required
  • non commercial small society lotteries registration required.

These lotteries are exempt from having a permit but must be registered with Gambling Commission as well as ourselves and are subject to an initial fee of £40 and an annual fee of £20.

Definition of a small society lottery is a lottery promoted on behalf of a non-commercial society and is conducted for:

  1. charitable purposes
  2. supporting sport or a cultural activity
  3. for any other non-commercial purpose other than private gain.

You will need to complete and sign the enclosed application form for registration and send it together with the initial fee of £40. Your society will then be registered and you will be informed of the registration number by letter, sent a list of regulations and a form of statement, which must be completed and returned within three months of the date on which any draw takes place.

The annual fee of £20 will be due 2 months before the anniversary of the registration date.

How you can access the service:

We can only register small society lotteries for organisations that are situated within the district.

Details required:

You will need to complete a registration form and send:

  • the original form
  • the registration fee of £40.

How long will it take?:

On completion of all the paperwork and where appropriate the consultation periods are complete, we aim to issue all licences within 10 working days.

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