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Whether you want information about abandoned vehicles, housing, leisure, walks or zoos, our A to Z should help you find what you are looking for.

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News and events

Parish and town council contacts

Parish and town councils

Parish elections resources

Parish letters and notices

Parish liaison meetings

Parish portal


Parking tickets excess charge notice

Parks and open spaces

Licence - fairgrounds

Persons wishing to operate a fair on private or council owned land are required to give us notice prior to the holding the event.

Parks and open spaces in Banbury

Performance indicators

Pest control



Listed buildings

We consider applications to demolish listed buildings or for any alteration or extension which would affect its character as a building of architectural or historic interest.

Planning - transport policy

Planning advertisement control

Planning advice and guidance

Planning appeals

Planning applications business

Planning committee

Planning consultation

Planning decision notices

Planning enforcement

Planning environmental policies

Planning for householders

Planning high hedges

Planning obligations

Planning policy


Parish portal

The parish portal provides information for and about town councils, parish councils and parish meetings.


Private housing

Private landlords

Private sector housing grants and assistance

Housing grants and assistance

We provide a range of grants and assistance to try and improve the condition and sustainability of accommodation in the private sector.

Private sector renting

Private water supplies (regulations 2009)

Procurement policy

Property enquiries

Public Rights of Way

Public toilets

Publication scheme

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