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Whether you want information about abandoned vehicles, housing, leisure, walks or zoos, our A to Z should help you find what you are looking for.

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Harassment and unlawful eviction

Hate crime - report it

Hazardous substances

Health and safety accident reporting

Health and safety at work - investigation

Health and safety at work - regulation and inspection

Health and social care

Health walks

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High hedges

High speed 2 rail link

Holiday activities for young people

Home safety advice


Household rubbish green bins

Houses in multiple occupancy definition

Houses in multiple occupancy licences

Houses in multiple occupation standards


Housing advice

Landlords' Forum & Newsletter

The Cherwell Landlords Forum provides an opportunity for landlords to meet, share information and exchange views. It also allows us to keep landlords up to date about what we are doing and planning and to pass on a range of useful information. Meetings typically take the form of 1 or 2 presentations and a series of shorter updates, but we have also held workshops and question-and-answer sessions.

Housing allocations

Housing benefit


We are now acquiring properties through our Build! programme. We shall continue to work with housing associations and other agencies to provide affordable housing and to ensure the quality of housing in the district is maintained. We also look after the joint housing register for all housing associations in the district.

Housing benefit - appeals

Housing benefit - backdated claims

Housing benefit - change of circumstances

Housing benefit - new claim

Housing benefit - overpayments

Housing benefit calculations

Housing Benefit decision notice explained

Housing benefit payments

Housing grants and assistance

Housing health & safety rating scheme (HHSRS)

Housing options

Housing register

Housing service standards

Housing standards advice

Housing standards/enforcement

Housing strategy

How to sell to the council

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